XTE Lite and Cargo Orientation

USD 1,800 (minimum of 12 pax)

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This is a one day course for normal experience cargo screeners. It is a ½ day course plus practical training with the delivery of the XTE systems. This will be used to ready the operators on the daily use as well as double for the commissioning/acceptance of the XTE system. Normal experience operator mainly focuses on image analysis and skills of detection of contraband and not on scientific/technical aspects of image and scanner quality control. Therefore, during the normal operations these operators are not required to be involved in detailed more technical aspects of graphic manipulation and technical aspects of the image standards.

Experienced Screeners (1 day including ½ day practical)

  1. OHS and Radiation Safety Matters
  2. Introduction to the XTE™
    • transferring the XTE standards around the examination facility
      • placing and removing the XTE on the conveyor belt
      • safe storage of the XTE
    • making adjustments to the XTE
      • adjusting the plate angles
      • adjusting the elements of the penetration step wedge
  3. Radiation safety (X-ray Safety.ppt)
    • radiation protection limits
    • safety instructions for usage (depends on the manufacturer’s instructions for the X-ray system and any local rules)

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