The world’s only fully comprehensive small to large X-ray imaging performance evaluation and verification system

Until now there hasn’t been a fully comprehensive global standard for testing and verifying the calibration and image quality control of small to large scale X-ray screening devices.

XTE is the only commercially available system, specifically designed to provide comprehensive subjective and objective performance verification tests for transportation security and medical screening X Ray imaging systems, including CT (Computed Tomography) X Ray systems.

Helping maintain the highest possible standard of x-ray system performance

To maintain the highest possible standard of international border security, 100% X-ray screening of maritime, land and air freight is now a necessity. This includes manifest verification; interdiction of contraband; screening for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) threats; and the smuggling of armaments and potential weapons of mass destruction (WMD.)

Using the XTE performance evaluation and verification system ensures X-ray image quality and provides better decision making in the management of X-ray systems, allowing for greater efficiency of X-ray scanning.