XTE™ Cargo


Suitable for X-Ray and Gamma Ray Cargo scanners from 1MeV to 9 MeV.

Typical users are OEM manufacturers, Customs Border Protection, CBP locations in seaports, rail ports and cross borders where large Non Intrusive Inspection, NII border scanners are to be tested for site acceptance and maintenance.

XTE™ Lite


Suitable for X-Rays of 150keV to 450keV and tunnel size greater than 1mX1m.

Typical users are OEM manufacturers, air freight companies, airport authorities, airport baggage medium size check in counters.



Suitable for both Security and Medical CT Scanners. Single or Multi Energy CT Scanners.

Typical Users are CT OEM Manufacturers, Airport Checkpoint Security, Airport Baggage CT Scanners

Historically, several test pieces have been used for validation of image quality in 2D projection imaging systems with tunnel sizes up to 1m x 1m. These tests include wire resolution, grid resolution, steel penetration and contrast detail but in a planar geometry that suits traditional projection X-ray systems.

XTE™ Check


Suitable for X-Ray scanners single or dual view scanners tunnel size less than 1mx1m

Universal Test Platform
Independent 3rd Party
One Pass Dual View
Rotatable mechanism
Automated Evaluation

XTE™ Console


The console user interface (UI) is based on touch screen (10 inch) interactive controls and located on site with the operational scanners. Depending on the requirements, the evaluated objective results can be downloaded via realtime or USB thumb drive to the console. The UI support basic XTE-Unify controls as well as provide capability for the review of past XTE image data and analysis of past XTE test results for benchmarking and quality assurance.

XTE™ Unify


A universal objective software for the testing and evaluation of a broad spectrum of X-ray and CT border scanners using the exclusive range of XTE™ routine testing equipment. XTE Unify is purchased together with XTE console and is located on site with the scanner.

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