XTE™ – Product Design and Concepts

XTE™ suite of products are image performance evaluation test pieces that builds on the scientific foundation contained within worldwide standards found in ASTM F792-17e01, ANSI 42.46, ANSI 42.45 and guidelines provided by organizational bodies like WCO, TSA, DHS.

In addition, we have designed our testing platforms for busy border scanners with no downtime and easy one pass evaluation so daily maintenance is possible. Some extended tests to further enhance the evaluation are based on feedback from the field like air resolution, Crows’s foot resolution and detonator test etc. Details can be found in XTE product descriptions.

  • 3rd Party Independent
  • Universal Any scanner vendor
  • Accurate Test plane can be angled to meet x-ray perpendicular
  • Fast No downtime minutes for evaluation report
  • Ease of Use Small, Light and Compact
  • Subjective and Objective Assessment Provide both human and automated tests
  • Any Border Security Scanners Type Large Container Ports, Air Freight, Airports, CT
  • Track and Monitor MPRs, minimum performance requirements and baseline performance of border scanners independently
  • Real Time monitoring & big data collection ready
  • Daily Maintenance Operation No interference to operations
  • Patented

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