XTE™ Unify

XTE™ Unify


A universal objective software for the testing and evaluation of a broad spectrum of X-ray and CT border scanners using the exclusive range of XTE™ routine testing equipment. XTE Unify is purchased together with XTE console and is located on site with the scanner.

X-ray images in 2D and 3D standardised DICOS or TIFF format from all border scanners can be collected for real time big data analytics for future AI algorithm using the XTE remote console modules and a centralised module.

  • XTE™ Cargo
  • XTE™ Lite
  • XTE™ CT
  • XTE™ Check
  • XTE™ BX (Back Scatter)

High Level Architecture

The Analysis Algorithm

This module contains 2 parts, namely the main algorithm and the selected type of XTE Customisation. The main algorithm runs the analysis of the ROI, where max, min, mean and standard deviation values of intensity and colour are calculated. It also selects types of data 3D or 2D. Scoring template is then applied to the data.

Automated Reporting

From the analysis algorithm, a scoring is calculated and presented to the user. This is representation of the quality and status of the machine under test. The reports are kept and can be uploaded for audits, benchmarking and quality assurance.

XTE Unify Features

  • Automated Software Update

    via 4G / intranet or usb

  • License Key

     All XTE Unify modules must have a valid license key

  • Cloud Communication

    via 4G, XTE Cloud or customer cloud

  • Scanner Connectors

    Connection to any scanners OEM

  • File Conversion

    Eg. conversion to DICOS from raw data

  • Algorithm Analysis

    Selects 2D or 3D data, computation of ROI and scoring of the image


  • UI

    Analysis, reporting, presentation, documentation and alarms

  • Comparison of Subjective and Objective Analysis

    Operators can compare both subjective and automated results