Suitable for both Security and Medical CT Scanners. Single or Multi Energy CT Scanners.

Typical Users are CT OEM Manufacturers, Airport Checkpoint Security, Airport Baggage CT Scanners

Historically, several test pieces have been used for validation of image quality in 2D projection imaging systems with tunnel sizes up to 1m x 1m. These tests include wire resolution, grid resolution, steel penetration and contrast detail but in a planar geometry that suits traditional projection X-ray systems.

XTE™ CT is designed more on image quality assessment on 3D images when compared with ANSI 42.45 which focuses more on Explosives Detection which is good for quality control process. XTE™ CT collects information on data for diagnostic of system performance.

Universal Test Platform (Any OEM)
Independent 3rd Party
One Pass
Fast evaluation 5mins
Automation Evaluation Ready



7 Comprehensive Tests

7 Comprehensive Test

  • Test 1 Contrast, Zeff and Density

    Assessing incorrect densities measurement across different materials, diameters and scattering mediums

  • Test 2 Beam Hardening

    Evaluate the cupping and streaky artefacts of beam hardening on the scanner

  • Test 3 Spatial Resolution

    It is a measurement of how far apart 2 objects are before they can be seen to be separate. Proprietary “crows foot phantom” is used 

  • Test 4 Contrast Detail

    Contrast is the measure of density difference between 2 areas. This test uses various diameters of holes of varying depths for evaluation between air and scattering medium

  • Test 5 Metal Artefact

    Metal artefacts creates bright and dark streaky strips across images. This test uses steel wires of varying thickness to create steak artefact in a controlled way for measurements

  • Test 6 Grid and Wire Resolution

    Evaluate grid resolution in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Different wire diameters are tested in air for wire resolution

  • Test 7 Small Inclusion

    Evaluate the presence of small inclusions that are both dense (filled) and light (air) 

Subjective Test Display