The world's only fully comprehensive medium air cargo and pallet x-ray scanners performance evaluation and verification system

Until now the testing and verifying the calibration and image quality control of medium size X-ray screening devices is through the ASTM F792 STP Test piece. XTE-Lite is the next available and is the only commercially available system to provide comprehensive performance verification tests consistent with the internationally accepted small systems ASTM F792 standard. Similar to the XTE-Cargo platform, XTE-Lite is specifically designed for X-ray scanners of tunnel size greater than 1m x 1m and test platform is rotatable and can be adjusted to meet the optimum x-ray source perpendicularly, so as to ensure best evaluation of medium size X-ray systems. XTE-Lite is co-developed by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Synergy 4 Tech.

Features & Technical Specifications

The XTE-Lite system comprises two pallets: XTE-1 and XTE-2, loaded with instruments and material simulating shapes and compositions, including contraband and security threats, found in air, sea and land freight. Designed to handle medium size X-ray scanners ranging in energies between 140keV to 450keV and tunnel size of greater than 1m x 1m, the system is flexible and can be tuned to suit a single application as well as a range of X-ray scanners. Tests includes resolution, spatial resolution, contrast sensitivity, penetration and material discrimination.



Dimensions: XTE-Lite – 930mm (L) x 730mm (W) x 830mm (H)
Weight: XTE 1 (70kg-80kg) / XTE 2 (75kg-85kg) (dependent on X-Ray scanner’s specs)
Usage: Use with a Trolley system
Test plate angle adjustment: 360 degrees in two increments
Operation: The test plates are balanced and gear operated