Features & Technical Specifications

The XTE Check system is catered for single scan quantitative characterisation of single view and dual-view X-ray scanners that produce 2D images. XTE Check is loaded with instruments and material simulating shapes and material compositions, including contraband and security threats at air, land and sea immigration checkpoints.

Designed to handle single and dual view hold baggage (HB) and check baggage (CB) X-Ray systems for security imaging.



620mm (L) x 320mm (D)


Tests Available:
• Z-eff Density
• Wire resolution
• Beam hardening
• Metal artefact
• Contrast detail
• Spatial and grid resolution
• Small inclusion (Detonator Test)

•For X Ray scanners of tunnel size up to 1m x 1m
•Lightweight and portable test object that can be easily carried from one X-ray system to another and used with minimal effort