The XTE standard evaluate the performance of all scanners within minutes.
The simple yet intelligent solution allows all small and large X-ray scanners including CT Scanners to be evaluated and calibrated to comply with regulator’s requirements as well as best practices in the global security industry. XTE also represents the best “independent” and “patented” testing platform available.

The XTE Standard delivers full range of recognised tests for resolution, penetration and material discrimination for large items. This is achieved by rotating the position of the test device for differing X-ray beam delivery angles, ensuring X-Ray systems meet and exceeding standard specifications.
The XTE test is conducted in a single pass, allowing evaluation of X-ray system performance within minutes instead of the current 3 – 4 hours. The evaluation procedure can therefore be scheduled more often – enabling performance data to be collected and monitored over time. Plus it can be conducted during normal operations with minimal throughput disruption, leading to reduced operating costs and increased productivity.
The historical and trending information provided by the testing system can be used to support decision making about X-ray scanning operations and infrastructure maintenance. The XTE Standard can therefore help identify performance issues early, enabling you to schedule maintenance in a timely manner.
XTE not only provides operational testing and evaluation of existing X-ray systems, it also allows for acceptance testing and evaluation of new X-ray systems. This ensures purchased X-ray systems are operating as specified and immediately ready for service.
The large XTE unit for Cargo is forklift ready – no transport pallets are required. The medium XTE unit is equipped with trolley systems for easy transportation and use. And the small XTE units are light weight and portable.
Available for all operating systems, and for desktop, laptop and tablet, the software and hardware is seamlessly integrated with customer’s network, thus allowing evaluation to be done after testing without compromising scanner’s downtime. Test data is also easily exported and recorded for audit purposes.